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Citizens Energy Group Making a Difference in Indiana

In addition to financial support for Clear Choices Clean Water, Citizen Energy Group’s associates volunteer at the annual White River Festival held in Central Indiana each September.

Citizens Energy Group, Indianapolis, Indiana, is a great partner of the Clear Choices Clean Water program. Citizens’ support recently allowed Clear Choices to expand beyond water quality education and into the world of water conservation. Their sponsorship was responsible for the creation of our water conservation pledge campaign. Working together we were able to change people’s behavior while simultaneously evaluating the positive environmental impacts (gallons of water saved annually) from such an outreach campaign. Having the Clear Choices Conservation pledge program provides an easy call-to-action tool that can be ramped up during droughts. The water saving guesstimates associated with this pledge campaign help both Citizen Energy Group managers and the public better understand how demand management could work to solve long-term water supply needs. The Clear Choices Clean Water program was easily integrated into ongoing programs and outreach efforts at Citizens. Thank you Citizen Energy for being a great partner and citizen!

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    Tim Stottlemyer -
    MS4 Program Manager, City of Noblesville

    Clear Choices Clean Water is the best stormwater public education program I have used in the past 10 years. Having a program that is based on solid science and professionally built was way beyond my reach of my local stormwater program however; by partnering with others we leveraged not only our own funds but also other industries who also benefit from water quality education. The result is a program that actually engages people in simple but effective ways to create healthy habits in their own community, they can also see the cumulative effect of being part of a larger movement on the map.