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Clear Choices, Clean Water is a campaign to increase awareness about choices we make and the impact they have on our streams and lakes. Water friendly practices such as using phosphorus-free fertilizer, landscaping with native plants, managing yard and pet wastes, properly maintaining septic systems and using less water all help make clear clean water available to us.  By educating individuals on these and other important actions and giving them the tools needed to make behavior changes, we empower everyone to do their part for water quality and conservation.

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Don’t see a location near you?

If Clear Choices Clean Water is not available in your area but you’d like to see the program offered in your community, please email us and we’ll help you identify partners and/or talk with you about becoming a Clear Choices Clean Water Affiliate. 

What is a Clear Choices Clean Water Affiliate?

Clear Choices Clean Water is a nationally award-winning program available to any community. An Affiliate is a licensed user of the Clear Choices brand and its associated products and services. By entering into a license agreement with Clear Choices Clean Water LLC, you can have your own Clear Choices Clean Water customized program complete with a unique website URL, local watersheds maps, reference resources tailored to your region, and collateral materials branded with your logo.  Affiliates administer their own Clear Choices website and are able to develop additional pledge campaigns and associated supporting resources for use under the Clear Choices brand.  Affiliates will also have access to the variety of existing Clear Choices materials as well as any related materials developed during their license period. Clear Choices staff is available for consult or help with website administration and/or the development of customized materials.  Learn more, read about becoming an Affiliate and then contact us!

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Don’t want to become an Affiliate, but are interested in supporting the Clear Choices effort?

A variety of sponsorships and associated recognition opportunities are available, just email us! We’re always happy to engage new partners, especially those with shared goals, and brainstorm new, creative promotional strategies with them.


Yes. In fact, the Clear Choices Clean Water program’s primary impetus centered around helping small communities band together in order to deliver high quality, measurable public education and involvement programming – programming that would meet Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) permit requirements for public education and public involvement. Many of the current and most active sponsors are regulated MS4 communities and utilities. Public stormwater education is a great use of the program because water issues transcend political boundaries and Clear Choices provides a way for neighboring municipalities to partner together and saturate various outreach venues with common messages, both up and downstream. It is also a great program for utilities that are required to do water conservation education. It allows utilities to integrate their conservation messages about water quantity with related concerns about water quality issues (something that can directly help their bottom line). In Indiana, Clear Choices has also been approved as a Supplemental Environmental Program (SEP). This program allows corporations that are interested in supporting pollution prevention efforts as a means of compliance reparation to support Clear Choices community outreach efforts and/or directly promote the program through their own means.    


Yes. Clear Choices has been utilized by many grant recipients across many types of grants. It provides the perfect suite of ‘reportables’ desired by many grant funders. The pollution load reduction calculations tied into Clear Choices’ outputs are aligned to EPA approved models so they can be easily assimilated with other on-the-ground project efforts.

    Total Acres of Native Plants


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    Lynn Crighton -
    Executive Director, Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation

    The campaigns resonate with the personal responsibility our community feels towards our lakes, and gives them a way to actively participate in keeping our waters healthy and clean. The Clear Choices program strengthened our connection to the community in a way that would not be possible without its expert marketing materials and unique website design. We highly recommend Clear Choices.