What is Clear Choices Clean Water?

Clear Choices Clean Water is a campaign to increase awareness about choices we make and the impacts they have on our streams and lakes. Water friendly practices such as landscaping with native plants, using less fertilizer, managing yard and pet wastes, maintaining septic systems, fostering soil health, and using less water all help to protect our precious water resources.  By educating individuals on these and other important actions and giving them the tools needed to make behavior changes, Clear Choices Clean Water empowers everyone to do their part for water quality and conservation.

How and when did this campaign start?

The White River Alliance and the Tippecanoe Watershed Foundation teamed up in 2010 to implement this unique social marketing strategy to increase awareness and knowledge about household choices and their impacts on water quality in our watersheds. The focus of this effort began in Indiana but is now spreading across the country. The variety of pledge choices also continues to grow as new partners help expand the range of actions that can protect our water. 

Who sponsors and pays for the Clear Choices, Clean Water campaign?

Clear Choices Clean Water is supported by sponsorships from a variety of municipalities, businesses, individuals, and civic groups.  Visit our Sponsors Page to see who is supporting the program and how you can join us!

How can I become a sponsor of Clear Choices, Clean Water?

We would love to have you join our efforts! More information is available on our How To Get Involved page.  Your involvement will allow us to create more educational resources, add more interactive features to the site, expand the campaign topics/pledges, and increase our geographic reach, including bringing the Clear Choices Clean Water program to your community if it is not currently available there.

Is Clear Choices Clean Water available outside Indiana?

Yes!  This nationally award-winning program is available to any community. By entering into a license agreement with Clear Choices Clean Water LLC, you can have your own Clear Choices Clean Water customized program complete with your own website URL, local watersheds maps, reference resources tailored to your region, and collateral materials branded with your logo.  Licensed users (ie. Affiliates) administer their own Clear Choices website and are able to develop additional pledge campaigns and associated supporting resources for use under the Clear Choices brand.  Affiliates will also have access to the variety of Clear Choices materials developed by all other Affiliates during their license period. Clear Choices staff is available for consult or help with website administration and/or the development of customized materials.  Learn more, read about becoming an Affiliate and contact us below.

How many choices will the Clear Choices, Clean Water campaign include?

Our vision is that Clear Choices Clean Water is a holistic campaign promoting simple, yet important actions that residents, businesses, and others can take to improve our water quality and preserve our water resources.  As new water quality issues arise and change, and as our resources allow, Clear Choices Clean Water Affiliates will continue to update and expand the pledge modules. Affiliates can choose how many pledge modules they would like to have active on their site at any given time. Individual pledge modules can be ‘turned on or off’ seasonally as well. If you have an idea for a new pledge campaign, contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!

What do people get for taking Clear Choices, Clean Water pledges?

People get to feel good about making a difference for our water!  After taking a Clear Choices Clean Water pledge, they receive feedback about how much pollution they have prevented from entering our streams and lakes.  They get to see their action pledge and location posted on the program’s interactive map. This provides further confirmation and social recognition that they are doing their part to protect our water! Upon pledging, they are also offered an easy, low-pressure way to encourage their friends, family, and neighbors to do their part by way of email invitations or Facebook and Twitter feeds. Some Clear Choices Clean Water sponsors also offer seasonal incentive items as a reward for pledging.

Who can I talk to for more information on Clear Choices, Clean Water?


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    We’re so excited to expand Clear Choices nationally! I can only imagine the creativity and shared resources that will continue to grow from the many partnerships that have already been formed and those that are continuing to evolve. While Clear Choices embodies all of the best social marketing principles, it is actually the commitment, enthusiasm, and knowledge of its diverse partners that provide the real value. Every waterway and every community share so many of the same water challenges – by uniting under a common platform and building a well-coordinated brand like Clear Choices we have a real opportunity to change the fate of our country’s waters. Look out harmful algal blooms, dead zones, beach closures, and use restrictions… we’re coming for you!

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